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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pwllheli Aquathlon ~ 39mins 23 secs :-)

My fourth outing at the Pwllheli Sprint Triathlon but unlike previous occasions unfortunately this time the weather really didn’t cooperate! Winds gusting to 50mph and a lightning and thunder storm immediately before the event caused the event organisers to quite rightly pull the bike leg (to be honest I would never normally have gone out on the bike in such winds so it was quite a relief).
So, the Triathlon became an Aquathlon! A 400m swim and a 5km run.

The swim start didn’t go to plan. I was waiting for the nod to enter the pool when the starter blew the whistle to go!? I didn’t even have my goggles on L. Other than that, the swim went quite well and accounting for the 20 seconds or so it took me to get in the water and off, along with the time to get out of the pool and building and across the timing mat, my swim time was clocked at 10 mins 21 secs which I guess would equate to around 9 mins 50 actual swimming time? My swim is something Ive been working hard to improve in readiness for the Weymouth Ironman later this year so all in all pleased with that.

When I got out to the transition area, my kit box wasn’t where I left it!? It took what felt like an eternity to retrace my steps, search around only to find it had been blown across the paddock and was heaped in the corner with some other folks kit! T1 was 2:42 and then out for the run.

The run out with the wind behind me was ok, the run back into the wind was like running in treacle! Still a respectable time of 26mins and 22secs to give an overall event time of 39 mins 23 seconds J

Much kudos to the event organisers for once again pulling off a great event despite the weathers best efforts! Also to my pal Dave McDonald who I did the #3PeaksbyBike & #BikesBoatsBoots events with on tackling his first ‘Triathlon’! Welcome to the Dark side Dave! J