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Saturday, 5 October 2013

2013 Inaugural Abersoch Half Marathon ~ 2hours 2mins 47secs

After barely any running this year since the Abersoch 10km in May, I decided to give the inaugural Abersoch Half Marathon a go.

The route takes in much of the Abersoch 10km route including the infamous 'Tochyn Brutal' hill climb and the last mile over the groynes for a beach finish. Midway the route heads out towards Hells Mouth with views of Bardesy Island before heading back to Sarnbach and Abersoch... Stunning!

I managed to get a few runs in in the preceding weeks, the longest being an 8mile run but was really pleased with the outcome on the day and almost breaking the 2 hour mark (but for the heavy sand on the beach finish)

A great run over a breathtakingly beautiful course... Definitely one for the future!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

2013 Inaugural Ride London 100 ~ Done! 6hours 15mins 7secs!!! ~ £668 raised for the Isaiah Trust

An early start to get to the Olympic Stadium for the start of the inaugural Prudential Ride London 100 event but well worth the 5am get up! The whole event was awesome!!!

I was utterly bowled over with the day, the exceptional organisation, marshalling and opportunity to ride on over a hundred miles of closed roads through our capital city, London... A once in a lifetime experience! I was also very proud once again to be raising funds for the Isaiah Trust!
Cycling out through London

The first 20miles or so of the ride passed in the blink of an eye! I was that busy trying to remain aware of the riders around me that I almost missed riding past the sights of the Tower of London and Harrods riding down Knightsbridge!
Quickly through the beautiful Richmond Park and then in to the lanes and rolling countryside of Surrey and a change to much hillier terrain.

It was a fast journey out of London... I didn’t drop below 19mph average on my bike computer until about 45miles where the first of the big climbs at Newlands Corner in Surrey kicked in which slowed me up a little (my best previous average event speed was 18.8mph on the Tri bars at Capesthorne Tri earlier this year over only 13miles so to maintain such a speed over 45miles was a shock!)
Summit of Box Hill!
Leith Hill was tough but doable but I'd thought the infamous Box Hill to follow was going to be even tougher so tried to pace it but it just didn't seem to have the same steeper incline sections as Leith Hill and at the summit I candidly wondered what all the fuss was about (certainly no match for Mow Cop in Cheshire!).

Cycling the closed roads in London!
I touched a breakneck speeds of 43mph though descending Leith Hill which on 22mm wide tyres is white knuckle fast! Saw a bad crash at the bottom where a few riders had clipped at I guess similar speeds... It didn't look pretty with not much lycra left on very road rashed bodies! Ouch!!! :-(

Houses of Parliament on the run in to the finish line

Other than a few seconds photo stops at the 50mile marker and top of box hill I didn’t stop until the drinks station at about 83miles to restock on drinks. A few moments off the bike on wobbly legs to get the most awful powdered drink I’ve ever tasted!

Pall Mall, Approaching the Finish Line!
The ride back in to London was great and probably about that time I really felt the benefit of drafting and wished I’d cottoned on to that tactic sooner! I tailed a group in from about 85miles in and just seemed to find new legs in their slipstream!?

The finish on Pall Mall was awesome! I felt just like Mark Cavendish on the sprint finish of the Tour de France! ;-)
And then the realisation that the ride was over and photo opportunities outside Buckingham Palace before meeting up with my family for a rest and gorgeous picnic in Green Park... What could possibly be better!... All in all it made for an unforgettable day!

With the cycle ride to and from the start line, I covered a whopping 118miles on the day!!!

At the finish outside Buckingham Palace!

For those interested you can see the full breakdown of my ride from the data uploaded from my Garmin GPS watch here ~ http://connect.garmin.com/activity/354315908

The most important thing of the day though was the invaluable funds raised for the continuing work of the Isaiah Trust! Almost £700! A massive thanks to Julie Jones at EGL for all her hard work baking and running the cake stall and raffle and huge thanks to everyone for their well wishes, donations and general support!

When sending out requests for donations I do often feel anxious and uncomfortable about pestering folks but the rewards are worth it and made worthwhile by some of the comments I got back such as "Thanks for an opportunity to retain some life perspective with the work challenges..." and "There are too few people on this planet that take time out to do things for others .My  concern with many modern charities is that the funding ends up going to pay a Chief Exec or worse indirectly funding a conflict. Yours seems very focussed....it is not too much to ask that we support your efforts"... Very humbling!

Nicky and Tim who run the charity cover all their own expenses at enormous costs to themselves so you can rest assured that EVERY penny donated goes direct to helping some of the most under privileged kids on the planet!


Sunday, 9 June 2013

2013 Findel Capesthorne Triathlon Team Relay for the RNLI ~ £1,000 raised for the RNLI

The RNLI Triathlon Relay Teams
 The Findel Triathlon Team Relay challenge I organised as this year's RNLI fundraiser on Sunday 9th June. Helped by eleven friends and colleagues from work we managed to put together four relay teams to compete at the Capesthorne Triathlon. Due to a last minute illness, I ended up covering the cycle leg for the Findel Education team as well as the planned swim leg for the EGL team. 
The Swimmers!

The swim was pretty awful! A 750m swim ended up for some reason being just over 1,000m!? Consequently the time of 23mins 54secs a bit disappointing (I've been swimming 750m in about 17 to 18 mins).

The cycle leg though was excellent, probably my best ever performance in an event. It's not been unusual for most folk to pass me on the bike but this time I powered past a lot of folk including a couple of guys on serious looking time trial bikes! I completed the 26km course in 51mins 10secs averaging 18.8mph! :-)

Congratulations to the Findel Group team who took the honours on the day and a huge thanks to everyone who supported us with a donation! Another £1,000 raised for Abersoch RNLI! 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

2013 Abersoch 10km ~ 53mins 35secs

Abersoch 10km finish line
After spending the last week of May in Abersoch on holiday with family and friends I discovered the Abersoch 10km run was scheduled for Sat 1st June whilst we were still down there.

I haven't done much running so far this year but decided to give it a go as I'm considering doing the inaugural Abersoch Half Marathon later this year in October.

The 10km is a great course with a comfortable enough number of runners for it to feel like an event without feeling hemmed in. A lovely day for it too! Finished on the beach in a fairly respectable time of 53mins 35seconds which I was quite pleased with!