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Sunday, 26 June 2011

2011 Liverpool Sprint Triathlon ~ 1hour 32mins 39secs

Had a fantastic time at the Liverpool Triathlon today in my first proper Triathlon! Really was a world class event with competitors in the Elite Olympic Distance coming from all over the world to compete... a bit daunting really!

In the Sprint event (750m swim, 20km Bike and 5km run) I finished in 1 hour 32 mins and 39 seconds coming 150th out of a total 389 competitors and 12th out of 34 in my age group... So although a bit disapointed with the time (I'd have liked to have finished in under an hour and a half) above average in the competitor field

My splits were:-
Swim =17mins 32Secs (ok... Lots of people swimming over the top of each other!)
T1 (swim to bike) = 2mins 43 secs (1 min better than Pwllheli Tri)
Bike = 43mins 38 Secs (Quite pleased, a new PB... did 45:42 for the same distance at Pwllheli Tri... Almost crashed near the finish when a girl took a wrong route in front of me!)
T2 (bike to run) = 1min 40 secs (about 20 secs better than Pwllheli)
Run = 27mins 3 seconds (not great, ran 26.15 at Pwllheli Tri. First mile was hard, better in the latter part but very hot and sunny which was a bit draining)

I think there's room for improvement in the Swim, T1 and Run...

Looking forward to the Tatton Triathlon! Double the distance and hoping to get under 3 hours!