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Sunday, 27 March 2011

2011 Pwllheli Triathlon ~ A great first Tri! (Time = 1:27:11)

Had a fantastic day in Pwllheli today at my first sprint Triathlon! 400m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run.

The swim was 16 lengths in the pool, 4 lengths in each lane, which was a bit cluttered. An ok time of 9 mins and 10 secs.

First transition to bike took longer than I'd have liked (3mins 47 secs) too much faffing about with gloves and phone/Endamondo! A lesson learned for next time!!).

Really enjoyed the cycle! First time in any sort of competitive bike ride. Out of the leisure centre, around Pwllheli Marina and then a two mile steep hill climb out of Pwllheli back towards Caernarfon turning right at Four Crosses towards Chwilog and then dropping down hill to the A497 back to Pwllheli... 45mins 42 secs which I was really pleased with (44mins 1 sec for the 12 miles which is a PB). Some fantastic views of the Llyn en route!
Another 2 mins in the transition area and then off on the run with legs like bricks... Really stiff! Ran the 5km along the sea front and around the Marina in 26mins and 15 secs completing the whole event in 1 hour 27 minutes and 11 seconds coming 79th out of a field of 138... Full results here ~ http://www.triathlon-pwllheli.com/english/results2011.htm

Not bad for a first Tri :-) Hope to do better in my next event at Liverpool in June 2011 once the Edinburgh Marathon is out of the way.